We love the challenge


It’s about you

As our client, you are at the centre.



Great service, when and where you want it.


Exactly right

We know what matters, and ask the right questions.



About service, prices, crew and safety.

„A private jet is one thing.
What makes it special is outstanding service and flexible performance.
That’s what makes it into your personal flight.
At Aviation Charter we fly only for you.“

Marion Feller, Founder and CEO of AC Aviation Charter

Luxury at the best price

Wherever you want to go, we’ll always book the best offer for you.
Our fleet has aircraft of all sizes and we‘ll choose the one that suits your needs.
You enjoy the exclusive on board service.

Enjoy the luxury of not having to worry about anything – we‘ll look after every detail of your flight. And more than just the flight: step into an exclusive limousine, or take a helicopter. We‘ll make it happen. For you.
We make every wish come true – big or small. This is how a private jet becomes your personal flight. You leave the flight to us – we leave nothing to chance. We know your time is precious.

Always First Class

We know how precious your time is. Change of plan? Short notice? No problem. We are flexible
down to the last minute. Your jet is waiting for you, wherever you want and whenever you need it. Be independent. Do what you want to do. When you’re ready to go, so are we.

Flexibility for brokers

We’ll give you access to our diverse fleet of aircraft, to find the right aircraft for you and your clients.